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Natural Language Processing

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Companies generate an immense amount of text, which then they need to process repeatedly through manual tasks (filling in databases, classifying documents, copy/pasting…) The cost in time and resources is high. However most of these tasks can be performed automatically with Natural Language Processing (NLP). This technology can assist you in:

In Avantopy, our mission is to make NLP more accessible than it’s ever been with our custom, as-a-service solutions. No need to hire new talent, develop new technologies or assign in-house resources.

Our hallmarks are low risk experimentation and easy integration of customized solutions. We focus on two broad tasks (automatic text classification and information extraction) that are at the core of a variety of applications (process and document management, semantic search, CV matching…). We use state-of-the-art methods (machine learning, deep learning) for maximum accuracy and our in-house annotation software for fast and painless data preparation.

NLP is the subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that deals with human language. Its goal is to train computers in understanding and using languages so that they can perform text-based tasks.​


We have one goal: we process unstructured free text and derive actionable information. We can solve a large variety of business problems (process and document management, semantic search, CV matching…) by focusing on two clearly defined technical solutions. 

Avantopy Tag


Classification is the process of providing additional data to a document, a paragraph, a sentence, … this additional data is also called metadata. Avantopy Tag retrieves metadata about your documents and performs analyses such as:

Avantopy Extract

Information Extraction

Information extraction looks at what is said in a document and makes that information explicit. Avantopy Extract digs out content from your documents and performs analyses such as:

Our mode of delivery: APIS

Easy integration and constant improvement

Secure access

Securely access your deployed machine learning models


Scale happily and robustly thanks to Kubernetes

Constant improvement

We integrate new technology when it comes available, if you upgrade, all you'll notice is that it works better than before

Our methods

We use state-of-the-art methods in machine learning for maximum accuracy.


Our in-house annotation platform delivers fast, minimal and painless data preparation.

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