Process tons of Texts Emails Reports Chats Reviews Legal documents News items
automatically with NLP

We train computers to process language, so that they can assist you in a huge variety of text-based tasks. Integrate our NLP solutions in your system or app and start saving time and resources now and forever.
Not sure if you need NLP? We are.

We train computers to assist you

In Avantopy, we are specialized in training computers to their best performance so that they can assist you in a huge variety of text-based tasks. With our linguistic expertise and proprietary software, we minimize your efforts and reduce risks both short and long term.

What are your goals ?


Classify texts per topic, intent, type...


Analyze contents automatically


Find names, dates, places, ID nº...


Pre-complete forms & databases


Obfuscate personal information


Build chatbots or QA systems

Possible use cases

Data analytics

Discover the structure hidden in unstructured texts and transform it into measurable data.​
An application to Twitter data

Intelligent search

Add layers of meaning to your texts and search for more than just exact words.
An example with customers' reviews

Document management

Add metadata to documents for storage, search or retrieval.

GDPR compliance

Find Personal Information throughout your documents and make them GDPR compliant by (pseudo)anonymizing them.

Mentions monitoring

Follow automatically every mention of your brand in media (online publications, forums, social media, or other) and be on top of your public image.

Catalogue creation

Populate fields in your (online) catalogue database automatically, based on product description.

Something special in mind?

We are research-oriented, we will help you identify your problem.



For the best performance, you want the machine to learn how to solve your specific problem. That is why our models are trained on your own data.

Built from scratch

You don't know how to start with your messy data? We do. If you don't have labelled datasets, we can prepare them and annotate them for you.​

Varied languages and formats

We work with several formats (Txt, doc, PDF) and languages. We are highly specialized in ENG, FR, DU, SP.

Easy to integrate

On-premise or in the cloud. With our plug-and-play model, you benefit from the constant improvement of our algorithms.

Low risk

With our prototype phase, you get preliminary results and a feasibility assessment before you invest in a full project.

Annotation trainings

Some companies prefer to annotate with in-house experts. We train them to annotate using our annotation software.

how we work

Unlike most providers, we take care of the entire NLP process in a modular pipeline with our proprietary software. We always start with a prototype.

We translate your questions into NLP solutions.

We prepare your datasets, which includes annotation if needed. We also train you team to annotate.

We train the best models for your data.

We deploy (in the cloud) and maintain it.

We believe in the power of words

Are you an NLP believer? Or are you completely new to the concept? Whatever your questions are, we will be happy to hear them and give you a free first assessment.