About us

Our founding team

Our founders are senior scientists with experience in data analytics, machine learning, project management, teaching and publishing. Through their years in the academic and the private sectors, they have faced and solved a variety of problems related to data flows (management, annotation and analysis).

Dirk De Hertog, PhD

Co-founder - NLP expert, developer

Focused, problem solver. Realistic, but motivated by challenges. 

Expertise in: Legal texts, News, Social Media, Technical documentation.

Andrea Pizarro Pedraza, PhD

Co-founder - sociolinguist, annotation expert

Communicative, goal-oriented, and decisive. Comfortable in interdisciplinary work-environments. Experienced in academic, publishing and educational sectors.

Expertise in: Interactional language, Social Media.

our mission

Avantopy is a data solutions lab. Our mission is to make the advancements in NLP accessible to everyone. We help companies, data scientists, researchers and domain experts get structured insights from their unstructured data. We believe in the use of technology to achieve a more efficient workflow and focus on strategy and outcome.

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